KEILWERTH SX90 JK4300 Low Bb Baritone Saxophone

ow Bb to High F#

German Brass

Mother of pearl

Palm keys: Adjustable

Thumb rest: Metal, adjustable

Pads: Leather Pisoni

Resonators: Metal

Engraving: Hand engraved

Tone holes : Drawn.

Body finish : Gold lacquer finish. 

The SX90 Baritone saxophones offer a rich, deep tone with versatility to adapt perfectly from the large ensemble to a small group or solo performance. Agile and precise key work lets the player maneuver with ease, while comfortably producing a full-bodied and robust sound. With optional ranges to either Low Bb or A, the SX90 Baritone is the optimum choice for the modern baritone saxophone player.

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KEILWERTH SX90 JK4300 Low Bb Baritone Saxophone

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