BACKUN Vocalise H Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece


440 Hz. 

Designed for all ages and experience levels. 

H is both smooth and dark, with ample cushion for those who need more robust flexibility throughout the registers. This mouthpiece gives as much as it takes, requiring balanced breath support and unyielding passion in performance.

Designed at Backun using advanced CAD/CAM software and tested with 3D printing technology. 

The Backun Vocalise H mouthpiece are crafted from hard rod rubber on a highly advanced nine-axis CNC machine and finished in a unique done-in-one machining program that combines the milling and lathing processes without the need for a second setup or recalibration. 

Helps the player centre articulation, pitch and altissimo, with impeccable ease and consistency of voicing. 

Designed to play well on both synthetic and cane reeds, in strengths 2.5 to 4.5. 

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BACKUN Vocalise H Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

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