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Delivery information and return

Overall sending ships within 24-72 hours once confirmed the order but may vary depending on the products you want to buy. Specifically there may be an unexpected lack of stock of which would be urgently warned. If this were the case, the delivery of the product may vary between 72 hours and 10 days.

The delivery service will be held Monday through Friday, expressly excluded on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays or local, where deliveries are not made.

Delivery times are approximate and may be altered through no fault of La Musa instruments (Trademark). If this happens we would be outstanding at any time to report the status of the consignment.

shall not be considered non-delivery if the order has been delayed but will the customer or we could locate the buyer with the information provided.

The maximum weight for national shipments in international is included in 31 kg maximum

Orders that exceed the weight and / or the maximum measures established by our courier service have to be sent by a specialized service. Delivery usually takes 3 to 5 business days more than the normal shipping time. The exact expenses for packages exceeding 31 kg, are calculated and you will be informed by email before making any charge.



The scope of sale of this site is intended for the whole world.



Generally MAREMUSIC RBC SL shall grant all orders placed through provided that the payment of the same is in accordance with the method of payment chosen by the customer.

However we reserve the right to withdraw or modify any product or content of this website at any time.

exceptional circumstances that require us to refuse to process an order even though they have sent the message order confirmation or shipping the same, so we reserve the right to do so at any time at the sole discretion and solely MAREMUSIC may occur RBC SL informed at all times to the affected customer.

We will not be responsible for or against you or against third parties of the fact remove products or content of the page, or modifying any material or content thereof. We will not be responsible for or against you or against third parties for refusing to process an order if we have sent the order confirmation message.



The following section explicitly regulates the services that the customer will receive when you select the company to deliver your order.

It is the responsibility of the user of the website read this section as MAREMUSIC RBC SL will not assume any extra service, and this will, if necessary, of the account of the client.

The merchandise is sent through the courier company will be delivered within the time set by your region delegation (not exact schedule will be implemented) and will be held from Monday to Friday (Saturdays excluded, Sundays, and holidays national, provincial and local). If the customer wants a particular time must notify La Musa instruments before sending the order has been placed.

Communication does not certify these hours delivery within the same as the Musa instruments can only communicate to the carrier that request.



Claims for damages and / or breakages caused the goods for transport must be notified (as standard transport agency) to within the receipt of the goods in 24 hours for the claim is addressed and the problem studied.

For manufacturing defects, the repair time is the time that each product has warranty.



MAREMUSIC RBC SL, without prejudice to the provisions in clause 7, and unless exceptional circumstances arise, send the orders by the deadline on our website, and a confirmation of the order you will receive when it ends.

The delivery of products may be increased by the following circumstances:

custom or custom orders: in this case inform the customer of the delivery in writing and individually.

Specific circumstances: For reasons of availability of certain items there may be some delay your order. If this were the case we will inform you at all times.

Special circumstances delivery area: it is possible that the delegations of transport companies using the Musa instruments have specific days of distribution in any area. If this is so, the deliveries will be made on the day of delivery that has established each delegation.

The transport company will not make deliveries in height, ie, by building facades or by courtyards, nor any pulley system used to introduce the order or in the building or in the home. It is your responsibility to ensure that items can be delivered.

The order will be as given when you receive it at home. Receipt thereof implies acceptance. Carriers routinely will need the signature of the person ordering receptions, and this is valid to give the order as delivered.


We try to deliver the order twice in the address you have indicated. If delivery is not possible to contact you to give a solution after these two attempts.

If after 10 days we fail to contact you understand that you want to cancel the contract and give it as resolved.

We will refund the price paid as soon as possible by setting a maximum period of 30 days to serve. In this case we will deduct from the refund the costs incurred by the transport and termination of the contract.



Items have a repayment period of 7 calendar days including Saturdays and Sundays and holidays from receipt of order. Our articles are guaranteed by manufacturers with many years of experience in the sector. Offering the highest quality and the best guarantee is our commitment to our customers. Any returns must be previously accepted by the manufacturer / distributor. The item must be returned as received and has not been used or damaged. It must be in perfect condition in its original packaging with manuals and accessories in your case. The generated management costs, delivery and collection will be borne by the seller.

Once the product returned personnel Musa instruments will examine the product to check the conditions in which it is located. If the item is in perfect condition and no bumps, scratches, blows, tampering or any other process evidencing misuse thereof shall refund the amount paid for the product.

In case you want to initiate a return and tell us to help inform the process.


In this case MAREMUSIC RBC SL will refund the price paid for the products including shipping.

The exercise of the right of withdrawal may be made by any means permitted by law.



The instruments Musa informs you that you are not entitled to cancel the contract when the object thereof is:

-sugar Manufactured expressly special measures.

-sugar Custom.

Special measure shall mean those that are not available on our website. Personalized items shall mean those where it is the client who choose the appearance of it.