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AIZEN Alto Saxophone Case

AIZEN had a number of things in mind with the Aizen sax case with good protection for the sax, of course, and also having it easy to carry around and easy to open and close. AIZEN wanted something really durable and didn’t skimp on the research here. 

The Aizen sax case comes with three handles in two places. It’s easy to carry however you want to. If it’s being held upright, there are two snapons to prevent the instrument from falling if someone forgot to close the zip. Then, if you’re walking around with it held lengthwise, there are straps to let you put it on your shoulder. 

The cushioning inside the case uses ultra lightweight, shock-absorbent expanded polythene. The whole case is light enough for anyone to carry with ease. 

Along with a space for the sax body, there’s a holder for the neck and another for the mouthpiece. The side pocket is big enough to hold all the accessories you need. 

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AIZEN Alto Saxophone Case

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